About Us

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”Knowledge and experience together guarantee the excellent quality of honey.”

Our beekeeping past goes back almost 40 years. József Tóth started beekeeping in the 1980s, and the job was not unknown to him, since his father was also a beekeeper, and he was interested in the fascinating world of insects as a child. Later on his son Krisztián Tóth also had to join in family farming and learn everything about beekeeping. Utilizing the variety of weather and climate conditions within the country, they produced a valuable variety of different kinds of honey moving their portable hives from the south to the north. As time passed, customer needs increased, and their own bees were not enough to produce a sufficient quantity of honey, so they purchased more honey from surrounding beekeepers.

In 2009 BioNectar Ltd. was established to increase and improve the bee-staff of the family and to satisfy customers’ needs for honey.