Linden honey

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Blossoming linden trees with their characteristic scent shed huge amounts of nectar with beneficial effects. Bees collect this nectar and produce linden honey.

The qualities of linden honey: its colour varies from light yellow to mid-brown, its taste is characteristically flavourful. The colour depends on the place of collection. Its scent and flavour is explicit, it adds a spicy aroma to foods and drinks. Mixed with other honey types, it enriches the flavour.

The effects of linden honey:
Linden honey has a relaxing, slightly sedative effect, and it eases or helps prevent a cold or the flu, as well as conditions with high temperature. It also has a spasmolytic effect. Linden honey is a gift of nature to protect our body. With its relaxant effect it helps us cope with stress. It is also recommended to cure digestive disorders caused by the over-acidity of the stomach. Its disinfective effect is recommended to ease coughs. The cholin content of linden honey helps us fight against arteriosclerosis. It is also effective in case of insomnia.

Its consumption:
Four to five teaspoons of linden honey per day is recommended, and it is especially tasty added to linden tea. Its regular consumption is recommended for children and elderly people. It is tasty on its own or mixed into drinks. One or two coffeespoons of linden honey is very helpful to prevent or treat insomnia.