Sunflower honey

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Sunflower honey is a characteristically tasteful and aromatic type reminscent of sunflower seeds. It crystalizes medium fast. It is also sold as cream-honey with its large and hard bottom crystals smashed and mixed with its liquid phase honey. Depending on its flavonoid content, its colour varies from golden yellow to orange. Its scent is reminscent of sunflower. Its taste is determined by the ingredients and content of aromatic substances. Its water content is around 17-19%. After a few months of storing it separates into two phases: crystalized at the bottom, and liquid at the top. Its sucrose content signifies its natural origin, but a sucrose content of good quality sunflower honey must not exceed 5-7%. Sunflower honey is acidic, its pH value varies between 4.5 and 3.6.

The beneficent effects of sunflower honey:
It is excellent in sweets, but it also strengthens, disinfects and stops inflammation. Being an acidic honey type, it is not recommended for people with acidic stomach.